SwimPRO Double-Seal Goggles with Ear Plugs

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SwimPRO Double-Seal Goggles with Ear Plugs

Whenever you’re swimming laps or practicing your strokes, swimming goggles are one of the most essential gears both beginner and professional swimmers must wear since it’s made to protect your eyes against water irritants.

Swimming earplugs are also considered a critical swimming piece as it protects your ears against any possible infection. However, as swimmers dive and swim further, you may often lose your earplugs. So how about we combine both into 1?

Introducing, the SwimPRO Double-Seal Goggles with Ear Plugs!

  • ANTI-FOG – Its inner lenses are equipped with an anti-fog coating which prevents steaming while you swim so you can see clearly underwater without blurring and distortion.

  • BUILT-IN EARPLUGS – Comes with earplugs that are securely attached on each side so you won’t have to worry about losing them while preventing water from leaking into your ear canals as you swim.

  • UV PROTECTION – Its outer lenses are carefully made with an anti-ultraviolet coating which effectively protects your eyes from being hurt by the bright sunlight.

  • DOUBLE-SEALING – Made with a high silicone cushion double-seal design which forms a solid seal around the eyes so you never have to worry about water seeping in the goggles.

  • ADJUSTABLE FIT – With both side straps and the ergonomic clip, it can be easily adjusted to fit all head sizes and can be released in just seconds. To adjust, simply press the closure on the left / right side of the plastic button, and then press the round button on the plastic closure to take off goggles.

Enjoy a fog-free swimming experience and never experience swimmer’s ear again with the SwimPRO Double-Seal Goggles with Ear Plugs!


Material: PC Plating Anti-fog Lens

Size: 48 x 163 mm

Lens Options: Electroplated / Transparent

Available Colors: Black / Blue / Pink

Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc. SwimPRO Double-Seal Goggles with Ear Plugs

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