Switch Box Repair Tool

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Switch Box Repair Tool


1.Quick and simple installation, designed for those who are not good at manual operation, saving the cost of calling an electrician.

2. A carefully designed cassette repair device, the box fixing hole damage old problem was solved.

3. Solid upgrade, claw head design, strong grasp of the old cassette, to avoid later looseness.

4. Safety upgrade: Insulation spraying process is adopted for the main body to reduce the risk brought by electric conduction.

5. Applicable to any 86/118 type switch bottom box at home, to reduce the trouble of inconsistent accessories.

6. Easy To Use: Tighten the upper and lower nuts with a small wrench and fix them in the card box.

Perfect switch socket repair tools kit is easy to use.

7. Package Content: You will get 10pcs 48 x 65mm/1.89 x 2.56 in cassette repair device to meet your daily needs.

Switch Box Repair Tool
Switch Box Repair Tool