Tabletop toy Car

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Tabletop toy Car

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  • 1:36 Scale toy Car
  • Rechargable

Children need such toys to keep them away from electronic products.

Increase the time to communicate with children through parent-child games.

The body of this stunt car is made of alloy material, it is not electrified and has no ejection equipment.

Transform Your Desk into a Playground

The world is your track!
Setup your own Ebisu Circuit in the kitchen…
…or construct a little run next to your keyboard.

Tweak your Slidey Boys’ steering and throttle sensitivities to the demands of the track.

Slide Into Relaxation

Around your cereal bowl has a nice “zen” like quality to it. Unwind with a session……and admire the power and responsiveness of an engineering masterpiece.


Inside the Ride

Slidey boys are equipped with multiple unique mechanisms that allow it to run. The combination makes for a unique experience at 1/36 scale.

The body of this stunt car is made of alloy material so it is durable and will not be damaged.

High-quality craftsmanship. The surface of the body is smooth.


Material: alloy material + ABS
Size: 12*5*5cm


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Tabletop toy Car
Tabletop toy Car
Original price was: $55.88.Current price is: $28.50. Select options