TagsClear Copper Set

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TagsClear Copper Set


The Best Way To Remove Those Unsightly Fleshy Bumps On The Skin!

Skin tags are common, and there’s a good chance you’ll experience one in your lifetime. They are embarrassing, uncomfortable, and pop up anywhere. If their appearance bothers you or they rub against skin, jewelry or clothing, you can have them removed.

Now you can put an end to those ugly skin tags and remove them at home with TagsClear Copper Set.

You can get them removed safely at home! Use this and you can get back your confidence in no time! Makes your skin look and feel great without leaving any scars. 

The tags and moles remover is the perfect alternative to costly surgery. Affordable and gives you professional results in just 1 day. Made with high quality copper material known for anti-microbial properties that sterilizes the clips, you can be guaranteed a tag-free skin without any irritation and side effects. 


  • Quick and effective solution:
    Completely removes unsightly skin flaws quickly and painlessly. Restores skin’s original health and beauty in just 1 day.

  • Widely used:
    Eliminates common skin problems such as moles, skin tags, warts, corns, callus, and planters.

  • Safe and Effective:
    Made with dermatologically tested high quality copper material to prevent skin irritation and side effects. Does not harm your skin, odorless, and painless.

  • Economical:
    Cost-effective professional treatment with excellent results.

  • Compact:
    Pen-sized, small and lightweight, you can carry and use whenever or wherever.

  • Fast Acting:
    It is painless and easy as it gently cuts the blood circulation into the skin tag and restricts the blood flow that is why it is guaranteed to have the skin tags pulled off naturally in just two to three days.


  • Material: High-Quality Copper
  • Size: 3 cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x TagsClear Copper Set (3 PCS)
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