Tattoo Brightening Treatment Balm

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Reveal the True Colors of your Tattoo!

Tattoo Brightening Treatment Balm restores the color saturation and intensity of your tattoo, keep them bold and vibrant like new ones.

Loaded with nourishing skin restoratives and natural antioxidants, it conditions & protects to keep ink intense as new and prevents fading or discoloration.

Chemical-free formulated & safe to use on new or existing tattoos, or on any parched or sensitive skin.


  • MAKE TATTOO POP: Electrify the presence of your tattoo with added vibrancy.
  • MOISTURIZING: Replenish your skin with hydration and moisturizing effect.
  • FASTER HEALING: Reduce redness & soreness from new tattoo while speeding up skin recovery process.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made of Organic Oils and skin restoratives with no artificial fragrances.
  • SAFE TO USE: Chemical-free, anti-inflammatory and safe to use on new & old tattoo and sensitive skin.


  • Size: 15g


  • Tattoo Brightening Treatment Balm x 1pc
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Tattoo Brightening Treatment Balm