Tattoo Natural Healing Brightener

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Tattoo Natural Healing Brightener

No more fading tattoos!!

Our Tattoo Vibrant Aftercare Balm is a soothing, moisturizing ointment that help the skin heal and calm itself from red and sore after getting a tattoo. Not just improves discomfort and ease recovery, it also brings out the bold, bright colors on tattoos while preventing fading.

Made with 98% natural healing ingredients including olive oil, lavender, cocoa butter, wheat germ, beeswax and other antioxidants to help soothe inflammation, lubricate and moisturize the skin, ultimately minimizing the formation of scar tissue.

Simply by massaging this balm onto your tattoos, these selected ingredients are proven to accelerate the regrowth of healthy cells and recover the elasticity of dry skin. It also helps brightens up older tattoos by restoring the vibrancy of your inked skin.


Capacity: 15g


1pc x Tattoo Vibrant Aftercare Balm

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Tattoo Natural Healing Brightener