TeaseMe Pheromone Mini Parfum

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TeaseMe Pheromone Mini Parfum

Be alluring anytime with a flirtatious scent!

Introducing our TeaseMe Pheromone Mini Parfum¬†–¬† an¬†aphrodisiac aroma¬†that will¬†elevate all your sexual desire¬†and¬†boost your romantic inner-self!

The extraordinary fragrance attracts lovers so pleasingly, for both sexes and can be worn as your go-to perfume any time of the day with the mini & portable size.

Scientifically formulated with the most potent Androstenone and Copulin compounds, the most powerful pheromone in humans that affects moods and improves intimate connections to your partners.

Enjoy temptations and take pleasure with our eccentric, gender-loving fragrance and get the sexiest experience you always dreamed of!


  • Weight: 3ml
  • 1 x¬†¬†Sexy Girl¬† TeaseMe Pheromone Mini Parfum or
  • 1 x¬†Sexy Boy – Tease Me Pheromone Mini Parfum