Teddybrow Fluffy Styling Brow Soap

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Achieve fuller-looking, feathery brows in just an easy glide of Teddybrow Fluffy Styling Brow Soap!

This pro brow soap is designed to effectively tame unruly eyebrows and style them in a stunning brushed-up look.Providing you that perfectly, natural groomed arches with an added illusion of fluff and fullness that would make everyone envy. It features a colorless blend that can suit and amplify different eyebrow colors without the unwanted shade mismatching. Moreover, this brow soap can successfully arched and thickened up even those with medium to sparse ones. No worries as it does not leave any suds and messy residues behind unlike with other products!

The eyebrow styling soap offers an excellent holding power that can maintain your neat, bushy-looking arches all day long. It can even hold out against sweat and different temperature or weather exposure. What’s more? It perfectly works on eyebrows with makeup on without ruining or smudging. This styling brow soap comes in a light, mini container that you can stash to your pouches or beauty kits for maximum portability. Formulated with the highest of quality ingredients that you can safely use everyday without itchiness, swelling, irritation, and other discomfort.

Tame unruly brows away and create the perfect supermodel, bushy arches only with Teddybrow Brow Soap!


  • Perfect Grooming Brow Soap
    A specially formulated brow soap that efficiently styles and shapes your eyebrows into a feathery, brushed-up look in just a few glides. Allowing you to achieve that stunning 3D uniform eyebrow with gorgeous fullness and fluffiness everyone’s dreaming off. What’s more? It brushes and holds your brows perfectly in place which make it appear you’re born with naturally thickened ones unlike with other products.

Teddybrow™ Fluffy Styling Brow Soap

  • Long-Lasting Performance
    Adopts an impressive super-hold power that can withstand an all day eyebrows on fleek effect. It can neatly maintain your eyebrows shape and style even through sweat and various temperature/weather exposure. Moreover, this brow soap can even help your eyebrow pencil or powder makeup last for a prolonged period. Great for rocking that defined, feathery-looking arches on parties, birthdays, work, dates, vacations, daily look, and other occasions.

  • Highly Colorless
    Features a colorless style that blends seamlessly to your brows natural color. It can ideally add texture and that volume boost appearance without the unpleasant wrong shade matching. Additionally, this brow soap can be applied confidently without color smudging or leaving suds and messy residues behind. No worries as it works for all brow style and can totally enhance even those with medium or sparse ones into a full bushy arches without looking unnatural.
  • Easy to Use
    Comes with a handy 90° spiral spoolie for a quick and effortless application at all times. It gently brushes and helps to shape up and define your arches more while simultaneously applying the product. Simply spray some water into the brush, dip it into the brow soap, glide it to your eyebrows according to your desired style, and you’re good to go. The brow soap is packed in a lightweight, mini container that you can stash into your bags or makeup kits without taking up space. Providing you a better portability for on-the-go touch ups anytime, anywhere you need.

Teddybrow™ Fluffy Styling Brow Soap

  • Premium Ingredients
    Formulated with high-quality, skin-friendly blended ingredients that boasts an excellent holding capabilities to fluff up and arch your brows. It does not contain any strong fragrance to ensure the best brow enhancing experience. Furthermore, this brow soap is 100% non-toxic and can be used safely everyday without experiencing redness, itchiness, swelling, irritation, and other discomfort.


  • Net weight: 16g
  • Shelf year: 3yrs


  • 1 x Teddybrow Fluffy Styling Brow Soap
  • 1 x Brow Soap Applicator Brush

Teddybrow™ Fluffy Styling Brow Soap

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Teddybrow Fluffy Styling Brow Soap
Teddybrow Fluffy Styling Brow Soap