Temperature sensing LED Water Faucet

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Original price was: $25.90.Current price is: $12.95.

Light up your sink and faucet, & have a wonderful illumination as the water flows down the stream with the all-new LED Glow Stream Faucet.

Made with excellent premium noncorrosive materials ensuring quality and long-lasting service.

No batteries or external power required, while it comes with an excellent thermal sensor that helps to predetermined water temperature.


  • Sleek, Cool Aesthetic LED Design
    Great kitchen, bathroom & sink decoration, useful when it turns dark or dim.
  • Eco-friendly and Efficient
    This product has mini built-in generating electricity devices, it does not need batteries and power supplies, as long as the water flow it will generate lights.
  • 7 switch colors
    LED changes randomly as the water streams down.
  • Thermal Sensor (optional)
    When the water temperature is below 32°C degrees, the LED light turns blue, & temperature between 33 to 41°C degrees the light turns green, temperature between 42 to 45 degrees it will display red lights, & when the temperature exceeds 46 degrees, it will emit a flashing red light.
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Temperature sensing LED Water Faucet
Original price was: $25.90.Current price is: $12.95. Select options