Test pen screwdriver


Test pen screwdriver


  • ⚡【Comfort Handle】 – This electronic pen sensor adopts an anti slip handle, making it more stable and safe to use. Circuit type: AC/DC; Display mode: Neon tube.” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />
  • ⚡【Neon Display Screen】 – When the pen detects voltage, the neon light of the circuit pen will light up; The higher the voltage, the brighter the neon light.” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />
  • ⚡【Usage】 – When using a voltage testing probe, before testing, you must insert a screwdriver into the bottom and fix your finger at the end of the handle. When there is electricity, the neon tube will light up and operate safely.” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />
  • ⚡【Two Purposes】– Two purposes, one for measuring electric pens and the other for screwdrivers. There are two types of screwdriver heads at both ends of metal rod grooves and cross grooves. When you pull out the metal rod, insert the rod into the deepest position for complete contact.” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />
  • ⚡【Magnetic Screwdriver Head】– Two specifications: straight and cross screwdriver, with a strong magnetic design on the head, which can adsorb screws and small metal parts, improving work efficiency,” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” />


  • Material:Alloy Steel+PVC
  • Weight:45G
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Test pen screwdriver
Test pen screwdriver
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