THAWMASTER™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater


THAWMASTER™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater

Now, with the THAWMASTER™ Portable Kinetic Heater, you can stay warm anytime, anywhere, and save a significant amount on your electricity bills. You no longer have to worry about your home and car being covered in snow on cold mornings!

THAWMASTER™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater

Key Technologies of the Kinetic Molecular Anti-freeze Heater:

The THAWMASTER™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater utilizes a metal ball release mechanism designed by NASA. When activated, the metal ball release mechanism induces molecular rotational motion. The molecular movement releases kinetic energy, which not only prevents water molecules from freezing but also accomplishes the fundamental task of heating the environment.

THAWMASTER™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater

As these metal balls gracefully sway, they initiate a captivating display of kinetic energy conversion. The kinetic energy generated is harnessed and efficiently transformed into gentle, comforting warmth. It showcases cutting-edge technology at work, seamlessly converting kinetic energy into cozy heat that envelops your space, ensuring the creation of a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Practical and stylish car accessories

The THAWMASTER™ Portable Kinetic Heater, when applied to your vehicle, utilizes kinetic energy generated by rotation to prevent water molecules from freezing and generates comfortable heat. During the cold winter months, when it detects the air temperature dropping too low, it automatically activates. Leveraging cutting-edge aerospace technology, it promptly melts the snow and ice covering your car. With it, you won’t need to search for your vehicle in the snow on chilly mornings. It can be powered through either solar energy or fast USB charging, and just 15-30 minutes of charging can store enough energy for a month’s use. The easy-to-install base makes it suitable for all vehicle types, whether it’s a luxury sedan, an off-road SUV, an economy car, or even a motorhome, the THAWMASTER™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater Device can be easily attached to any vehicle.

THAWMASTER™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater

THAWMASTER™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Superconducting Heater: When applied to your vehicle, it harnesses the kinetic energy generated through rotation to prevent water molecules from freezing, providing comforting warmth. During the cold winter, it automatically activates upon detecting a sudden drop in temperature. Utilizing state-of-the-art aerospace technology, it swiftly melts the ice and snow covering your vehicle, ensuring it no longer skids on snowy roads, and the tires don’t freeze due to ice and snow.

Thanks to the portability of the THAWMASTER™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater, it can extend from your car to your home, providing all-around warmth within 500 square feet of your home in under 5 minutes. You can rely on it to ensure your home has a warm temperature in winter, saving you significant annual electricity costs. It also helps you avoid costly repair expenses caused by roof damage, house collapse, interior leaks, and other issues due to roof snow accumulation.

Perfect Tool for Eliminating Pest Mites

The portable dynamic molecular heater THAWMASTER™, through its unique application of electromagnetic energy, covers multiple areas from snow removal to pest control. By leveraging the properties of composite frequencies, the device can disrupt the molecular structure of pests without causing harm to humans. This technology utilizes subtle molecular disturbances to create a disruptive environment within a range of 800-1000 square feet, preventing pests from settling in the affected area. The device doesn’t rely on chemicals or attractants for pest control, ensuring a safe, non-invasive method. Additionally, this mechanism poses no risk to the environment, leaving no chemical residues or harmful effects on humans, electronic devices, or non-target organisms.

THAWMASTER™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater

The THAWMASTER™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater is not only portable and aesthetically pleasing but also comes with two power supply modes: solar power and fast USB charging. It provides an economically efficient solution, allowing you to fully charge it in 2 hours in ample sunlight or quickly charge it in 15 minutes by connecting to a power source. A single charge can last for 1 month. It not only offers you efficient and safe heating but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

THAWMASTER™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater

What makes THAWMASTER™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater the best choice?

  • NASA’s authoritative aerospace technology
  • Will not interfere with or affect in-car electronic devices
  • No radiation, no side effects on the human body
  • A comfortable temperature of 75°F And 360° All-Round Deicing
  • Stylish appearance and easy-to-install
  • Two power supply modes: solar power and 15-minute fast chargings
  • Preventing fogged car windows
  • The best heating options for scenarios like unexpected power outages,
    your car, the living room, office, outdoor work, parties, and adventures


Package Includes: 1 x THAWMASTER™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater

Applicable models: all

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THAWMASTER™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater
THAWMASTER™ Portable Kinetic Molecular Heater
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