The Bigfoot Ultralight Aluminum (APV01). 1.5″ Capacity.


The Bigfoot Ultralight Aluminum (APV01). 1.5″ Capacity.


We are super excited to be introducing to you our lightest and most portable pipe vise ever. Weighing in at 2lb 12oz, the Bigfoot Ultralight will fit perfectly in most any tool bag. The spring loaded jaws grip everything from pipes, fittings, and valves all the way to nuts, bolts, and hydraulic lines.

If you are wanting something easy to carry into your installs, the Bigfoot Ultralight is the perfect fit. The compact light weight design makes this unit the ideal tool for installation and assembly.


  • Intended for use with wrenches up to 14″ in length.
  • Minimum: 1/8″ Pipe.
  • Maximum: 1.5″ Pipe and 1″ fittings.


  • Patent pending spring-loaded Double V jaws rapidly adjust to any pipe size within capacity in seconds.
  • Non-skid rubber feet secure the tool during operation and prevent marring.
  • Aluminum body and hardened steel jaws weigh in at 2lbs 12oz.
  • Quick change jaws allow for replacement of top and bottom jaws in under 5 minutes with basic tools.


  • Assembly and pre-fabrication of pipe, fittings, and valves.
  • Light duty disassembly. Not intended for breaking loose old fittings.
  • Soldering.
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The Bigfoot Ultralight Aluminum (APV01). 1.5" Capacity.
The Bigfoot Ultralight Aluminum (APV01). 1.5″ Capacity.