The Doggy Disc Ball


Non-Stop Fun For Your Loved One! 💞

Many dogs lack both physical and mental stimulation🐶which leads to unhappiness and behavioral issues🙈

The Doggy Disc Ball is here to give your pup an exciting playtime experience🌵providing your loved one with exercise and preventing boredom for a happier and healthier life🍄

Double The Action, Double The Fun!


Our toy will distract and engage your dog for hours on end with its changing pop-up design👏They can catch and fetch when it’s a frisbee, and then chase and tackle when it’s a ball✨

💖Pet Safe & Pet Approved!

The Doggy Disc Ball is built with 100% safe non-toxic materials that are extremely resistant against the most aggressive chewers💫Dogs of all shapes and sizes are be able to play without worry🦄

🐷Product category: luminous bouncy ball
🌳Material: plastic
🌟Function: Toy
🕊Specification: 23cm*23cm*5cm
💐Electric: No
🌈Multifunctional: Yes
🍀Inflatable: No
🍧Fill: No
This toy can be used to kick a ball, throw a frisbee💫 and shoot a basket, and the soft rubber material is elastic🪐 very soft and not easy to damage🧀 It turns into a frisbee shape by pressing it with your hand🥰 and it bounces into a ball within seconds of throwing🧡

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The Doggy Disc Ball
The Doggy Disc Ball
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