The Magic Butterfly ( Valentine’s Day Special )

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Add up an enticing magical surprise along with your love letter card this coming heart’s day with The Magic Butterfly.

The perfect gift for your loved ones, simply wind up the magic butterfly and place it in your card, and when opened, the butterfly zips out and flutters its wings resulting in a surprise romantic vibe!

Make your day extra special with this fantastic accessory, perfect for almost every occasion like birthday events, weddings, and more!


Enticing Surprise
The magic butterfly instantly zips out and flutters its wings when the book or card opened.
It can Fly up to 20 ft in the air.

Made with the Best Quality Plastic paper Material. It can be rewound & used over and over again.
Easy to Operate
Rotate the rubber band 30 x, place it on a card, book or slip it in your hands, wait for it to be opened and witness the magic.

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The Magic Butterfly ( Valentine’s Day Special )
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