🔥(Summer Hot Sale- SAVE 49%)The Magic Fishing Trap


🔥(Summer Hot Sale- SAVE 49%)The Magic Fishing Trap

The easiest way to catch fresh live bait, crab, big fish, lobster, and shrimp!

Easily catch any kind of fish with the kreyTrap fish catcher without having any experience with fishing at all. Simply unfold it, and cast it in the water.

Leave it at least for 5-15 minutes, you will be surprised how many fish you catch inside this Kreytrap. It’s easy to carry as an umbrella.

  •  Automatic Foldable Strengthened Fish Catcher Is An Amazing Gift For All Fishing Lovers!

  • Instantly catch multiple big fish, live bait,Simply unfold it, cast it in the water, and easily catch multiple big Fish, bait, Crab, Shrimp, Crawfish & Lobster, and much more with this magic KreyTrap.              


Easy to catch fish- Twice as much in no time at all. It’s a great way to quickly catch fish, you don’t burn a lot of calories trying to catch them. Giving you a bigger bang for your buck and saving you energy.

Easy to use as an umbrella: Just pull the string on the top, and the net will be automatically opened which gives you the ability to catch multiple fish, bait, smelt, crab, lobster, minnows, and shrimp, all in one single cast.

Indestructible material: Made of high-strength material Solid, durable, and easy to dry. The mesh is so stronger in water, that makes our trap very resilient to damage and lets you catch more fish. 

Put some little prawns 🍤 🦐, bait inside the cage to attract the fish, and then throw the trap into the water. Just wait for the fish, shrimp, and crab to swim-crawl through the front and rear mouths into the cage, so that the prey cannot come out again. 

 compatible: Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater. Come in different sizes & holes which makes it easy to capture multiple fish and fish that are difficult to catch in a fishing line. 

  • So be sure to keep one of these traps in your bug-out bags, in your vehicle, and things such as that. Then you’ll be good to go!

3 Portable sizes are available:

4 Holes: 88 cm of diameter . 4 sides . 1 hole on each side

6 Holes: 90cm in diameter . 6 sides . 1 hole on each side

8 Holes:  92 cm of diameter . 8 sides . 1 hole on each side

PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1 Magic KreyTrap–  Automatic Foldable  Strengthened Fishing Trap Net & 6M Rope +Floating Ring. 

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The Magic Fishing Trap
🔥(Summer Hot Sale- SAVE 49%)The Magic Fishing Trap
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