The Ultimate Rinse Cup


The Ultimate Rinse Cup
The Ultimate Rinse Cup

The Ultimate Rinse Cup

Truly an ultimate companion in the art studio, this multi-tool for artists is much more than a paintbrush cleaner or organizer.

Shaving minutes to hours off your artistic process, our tools will have you creating art more efficiently than ever before.

Puck. Rinse. Repeat. 🎨

  1. Brush holder for 30 brushes fits on common cups and mugs
  2. Spill-preventing flaps prevent un-wanted messes
  3. Built-in tray catches excess brush runoff when in storage
  4. Use as a pallet, peel dried paint from flexible silicone to clean
  5. Dual Squeegee Lips capture moisture in one swift motion. Multiple size, color, and accessory configurations
  6. Patented Puck-Brush cleaner, soft silicone gently and quickly pulls paint
  7. Wide base and grippy silicone stay planted and prevent spills

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