The WheyFunnel 2.0

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The WheyFunnel 2.0

About The Funnel

  • PORTABLE — Our compact design lets you bring 60g of supplements with you wherever you go. TSA APPROVED
  • EASE OF USE — Fill from the bottom and then funnel from the top into any bottle of your choice.
  • NEWER DESIGN AND BIGGER – Our new design crushes the competitors with the tougher container and more space so that you can put more than 1/2 scoop of protein in it!

  • CONVENIENT CLIP — Use the carabiner to clip the bottle to whatever you like such as gym bags, backpacks or belt loops.
  • MULTIPLE USES — Not only is our product great for supplements but it’s also great for vitamins or any powder of your choice!

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The WheyFunnel 2.0
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