ThePalm Coconut Repair Hair Mask


Repair Hair in ONLY 1 WEEK, without expensive treatments & toxic chemicals!

Hear our verified satisfied clients on their results about this product:

“I can see significant change already in only 2 times use! Amazing product!! No extra conditioner to tame my frizz and can baby hair growing again!!” – Ashley T.

“Life changing product. Used every 2-3 times in a week and I already noticed silky texture and hair growth again. AMAZING.” – Estrella I.

ThePalm™ Coconut Repair Hair Mask

Amazing results!! Got tangled, damaged hair after bleaching and this mask is definitely my saviour!” – Christine H.

Why do my Hair Splits and gets Frizzy?

ThePalm™ Coconut Repair Hair Mask
According to the American Academy of Dermatologists, split ends happen when the ends of your hair become dry, brittle, and frayed. They may resemble the end of an unraveled rope. Exposure to extreme weather conditions, and hair care techniques such as blow drying, straightening, and curling may cause split ends. They’re also caused by chemical hair products. ThePalm Coconut Repair Hair Mask is the solution to all. Deep cleanse, nourish your scalp and hair in one bottle. Bring your hair back to life in a wash!

How does ThePalm Coconut Repair Hair Mask work?

Made from rich Coconut Extract and other natural ingredients. It naturally repairs damage and replenish the hair’s inner structure which helps to accelerate hair growth, fertilize hair follicles and prevent pattern hair loss. The formula stimulates a healthy development of follicles and scalp for a thicker, denser hair. It also helps to balance oily scalp and prevent formation of dandruff.
ThePalm™ Coconut Repair Hair Mask
A great extent cleansing procedure will cause good blood circulation and high pressure jets. An effective hair fall remedy to remove bacteria, impurities and oil build-up. Promotes blood circulation and the metabolism of epidermal cells.
ThePalm™ Coconut Repair Hair Mask


Let me start by saying I have used many different hair repairing products over the years with salon quality label. I have had a dilemma with my hair fall for years now and also noticed really damaged, dry, frizzy hair due to occasional hair dying and curling. I was so desperate and find a last solution before getting bald. And I have to say this product is a miracle! only into first week, and I can already see smoother hair as well as, baby hairs growing!! 
As I used this product regularly for about 2weeks, I have noticed more hair growth, faster regrowth and smoothness of my hair! Truth to be told, I was skeptical about this but I am so glad to make an effort on my hair. It leaves a very soothing smell and sensation whenever after use. Great product with significant outcome. 

“I am so sold and this is definitely a must-have hair repair mask! I cannot thank you enough, this saves my confidence and not to mention, it absorbs super quickly. Simply lovely, my hair is so silky and thick bow compared to the damaged hair I had 2 months ago. Makes a silky smooth finish after rinsing, an incredible addition to my hair care products.”


  • Instant Repair and Deep Moisture
  • Reduce Hair Loss
  • Regenerate Hair Follicles
  • Detoxify Scalp & Regenerate Dead Skin Cells
  • Eliminate Dandruff & Oil Buildup
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ThePalm Coconut Repair Hair Mask
ThePalm Coconut Repair Hair Mask
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