TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement Protein gossipy Patch


Let’s see the satisfied customers who tried TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement gossipy Patch!

TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement Protein gossipy Patch

“I’ve always wanted to wear more revealing and sexy clothes, like deep V-neck dresses, but I never had the confidence to do so because my breasts weren’t full enough to provide the support. When I came across this TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement gossipy Patch online, I immediately ordered some. After using it for a month, my breasts have become larger, fuller, and firmer, completely transforming my style of dressing! Now I can confidently wear all sorts of beautiful deep V-neck outfits whenever I want.”

– Chanel Brent , 25 , California, US


“I work as a teller at a local bank, which means I sit all the time. I feel like this is the reason why my butt is as flat as a piece of plywood. This has made me self-conscious about wearing short shorts or bikinis because I feel like I have nothing to show. After searching the internet for remedies and exercises, I found this TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement gossipy Patch and tried it out when my order arrived. It is very easy to use, feels good on the skin and relaxes the muscles. In doing so, it makes a huge and quick improvement by making my butt bigger. It really is a great product.”

Cathy Briggs — Newark, New Jersey

Understanding the growth of the body skin

As you age, so does your body. Aging at age 25 As collagen production (which acts as the backbone of skin building) slows and the elasticity of elastin, which can quickly straighten the skin, decreases or even breaks down, the skin begins to lose its elasticity around age 25. In women, this point is particularly evident. Dead skin cells do not fall off as quickly, and the amount of newly formed skin cells may be slightly reduced, causing most of the body’s skin tissue to become saggy and wrinkled.
TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement Protein gossipy Patch

Understanding Breast Sagging

As women age, the ligaments that make up breast tissue stretch and lose their elasticity. As a result, the fullness of the breasts is affected as the underlying tissue and fat support system decreases. This change may be particularly noticeable during menopause.

TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement Protein gossipy Patch

TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement gossipy Patch Is Suitable For:

How The TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement gossipy Patch Work?

TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement gossipy Patch is not an estrogen and fat based enhancement product, but rather uses Type 3 Peptide Protein to achieve the desired effect. It is specially combined with a natural affinity with the body in peptide protein, which penetrates the glandular vesicles in just 5 minutes. This allows the dry glandular vesicles of the breast to instantly absorb nutrients and grow, and repair the cooper’s ligaments with strong elasticity.

Type 3 Peptide protein: a multi-dense body affinity protein that can be 100% absorbed by the body, providing the body with sufficient protein and restoring normal cell metabolism. Unlike hormonal breast augmentation, which shrinks, Peptide protein is fixed in the gland, so it never shrinks after absorbing it. It is pure, natural and environmentally friendly, allowing you to achieve long-lasting, permanent breast enhancement. 
Type 3 Peptide protein can benefit wrinkle-prone skin by protecting against oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a key contributor to skin aging, as it can damage collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, leading to wrinkles and sagging. As a result, it can improve the health and appearance of breast skin, reduce the visible signs of aging and wrinkles.
TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement Protein gossipy Patch

TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement Protein gossipy Patch combines five valuable natural ingredients:

Motherwort extract:
Motherwort extract is a pure extract that can mimic estrogen in the body, and the use of absorbent breast patches containing motherwort can result in breast tissue growth
Cypress oil:
Cypress oil has a hormone-regulating effect and promotes the growth of breast tissue. On average, it takes 1 hour for the nutrients to be fully inhaled into the breast, providing fast and safe results for long-lasting breast enhancement.
rich in transdermal promotional factors, can effectively make breast tissue division and growth, balanced hormone secretion, activation of cell function, promote breast tissue growth
Witch hazel:
helps to unclog breast ducts.Firmness and elasticity of the breasts.Promote further breast growth
Osmanthus fragrans:
slows down aging, promotes blood circulation, improves skin tissues and keeps them alive.
TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement Protein gossipy Patch

Achieve a lifted and plumped buttock appearance

The TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement gossipy Patch utilizes a bagua array to release positive and negative ions thereby stimulating collagen production. This process helps to tighten and lift sagging or misshapen buttocks, thereby eliminating loose skin and excess fat.

What Makes The TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement gossipy Patch SPECIAL?

✅Provides Key Nutrients To Help Lift And Enhance Breasts For A Fuller
✅Advanced Formula with All-Natural Ingredients
✅Activates Ageing Breast Cells
✅Improve the Elasticity of the Skin
✅Replenishes Natural Hormonal Energy
✅Anti-Sagging & Long-Lasting
✅Tightens and lifts sagging or deformed buttocks, thereby eliminating loose skin and excess fat


Ingredients: Type 3 Peptide Protein, Glycerin, Hop, Kudzu Motherwort Extract & Cypress Oil,Osmanthus fragrans,witch hazel
Patch Dimensions: 10 x 10cm; 10g / PC*8

Package Includes: 1 x TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement Protein gossipy Patch

TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement Protein gossipy Patch

How to use

TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement Protein gossipy Patch
TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement Protein gossipy Patch
TIMNAMY™ breast &buttock enhancement Protein gossipy Patch
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