TIMNAMY™ Red Worm Fish Attractant


Introducing our advanced TIMNAMY™ Red Worm Fish Attractant, combining Red Worm Extract, Fish Pheromones, and Natural Fish Oils. Scientifically formulated to enhance bait appeal, it triggers natural feeding responses, making your fishing experience more rewarding. Ideal for various baits like swimbaits, soft baits, worms, and jerk baits, our attractant amplifies your chances of success on the water. Elevate your fishing game with the power of science-backed attraction.

Nanotechnology is employed to precisely control the size of food particles, manipulating material properties at the nanoscale. TIMNAMY™ Red Worm Fish Attractant, by regulating food particle sizes at the nanoscale, below micrometer levels, a wider and more uniform dispersion is achieved.

What makes Cvreoz™ Red Worm Fish Attractants the best choice?

  1. Enhances Aquatic Responses: Strongly stimulates the sense of smell and taste of aquatic species, and increases fish motility and stress resistance.
  2. Irresistible Scent: Createsa scent fish cannot resist and covers undesirable scents that may repel fish.
  3. Harmless Safety: A naturally occurring substance in aquatic animals, there is no residual problem, and it can be used for a long time.
  4. Wide Application: Suitable for all types of fish species, like freshwater carp, crucian carp, tilapia, eel, trout, Tuna,saltwater fish, snapper, shellfish, shrimp, etc.
  5. Easy to Use: Suitable for reservoir/lake/river/black pit. It can be used by experienced anglers or novice anglers for a pleasant fishing experience.

TIMNAMY™ Red Worm Fish Attractant has the following product:

How to Use

  • Way 1: Shake it well before use,then pour bait scent attractant directly into the water.
  • Way 2: Mix it with the bait, 5-10 drops for 100g baits, add water and stir, make it sturdy.


  • Package includes: 1/2/3 PCS X TIMNAMY™ Red Worm Fish Attractant
  • Capacity: 30ml
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TIMNAMY™ Red Worm Fish Attractant
TIMNAMY™ Red Worm Fish Attractant
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