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You Are Just One Foot Away From Being FREE of Bunion Discomfort, Swollen Toes, or Foot Aches…

If you’re reading this, chances are you are suffering from persistent bunion discomfort.

The result? The pain and discomfort impacts your daily activities.

If left untreated, it can get worse. Your toes cross over, you may develop hammer toes and bone spurs.

Bunions are a progressive disorder and it will not go away on it’s own.

Over time, this can lead to more serious issues like invasive surgerydependence on painkillers, and even immobility.

Harnessing the benefits of clinically proven advanced alignment therapy and a patented hinge joint mechanism, the Treatmedy™ Bunion Fix effectively addresses bunion discomfort in the affected area of your foot and rejuvenates your foot’s health with as little as 30 minutes of daily use.

How Does It Work?

The Treatmedy™ Bunion Fix administers advanced alignment therapy. It’s designed to support the realignment of the big toe and gradually alleviate inflammation by using a powerful patented hinge joint mechanism.

It helps release muscular tension by simply pulling your bunion back to its natural position, resulting in pain-free natural realignment of your toe joint over time.

This releases years of built up tension, straightens the bunion, reduces pain, and prevents further growth to get you back on your feet to stand tall and confident again.

Some users may require a session or two to get used to it, as the sensation may feel more robust compared to other methods.

This is a natural and non-invasive way of restoring the natural position of the toe, foot, and reversing the damage caused by ill-fitting footwear.

Whether it’s a small child’s foot or an adult size 13, the Bunion Fix is crafted to fit all foot sizes comfortably. 

How To Use

We recommend starting with 30 minutes a day and building up towards a 1 to 3 hour session.

When you feel comfortable, you can start wearing it to sleep every night.

It’s best for stationary use, like lounging on the couch, watching TV, reading, or sleeping.

But unlike other products on the market, you can also move around without the product restricting your movement thanks to it’s mobile design.

1、Secure the Bunion Fix on your big toe and foot.

2、Adjust the stretch intensity to your liking.

3、Relax and let the Bunion Fix do it’s job…

8 Reasons Why You Will Love It

Relief from discomfort while walkingstanding, or sleeping

Prevents Further Bunion Growth

Non-Surgical Option for Relief

Firm Joint Realignment That Actually Works to Improve Your Condition

Adjustable Stretch Intensity

Designed & Recommended by Medical Professionals

Easy to Use & Portable

60-Day “Results or Full Refund” Money Back Guarantee because we are so confident in our product and know it will help you

Why Choose Us?

Do not fall for CHEAP knock-offs

How Bunion Fix Compares to Others:


Clinical Proof

Effectiveness of Nonsurgical Interventions for Hallux Valgus (Bunions): A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Results from 8 studies showed a significant pain reduction with the use of foot orthoses, night splints, dynamic splints. Four studies reported a clinically significant reduction in HV angle with night splints.

Sheree E Hurn, Barry G Matthews, Shannon E Munteanu, Hylton B Menz from


We got answers.

How fast will I feel better?

About 30 minutes. That’s how long it takes to relieve discomfort.

With consistent use over a two week period you will experience major relief during everyday activities like walking, standing, or sleeping.

How fast can I notice a difference in my bunion?

Depending on the severity of your bunion, most customers see a visible improvement after 4-8 weeks.

Beginner Bunion(s): 4 weeks

Mild Bunion(s): 4 weeks

Severe Bunion(s): 8 weeks

Can it be worn in shoes? Can I walk with them?

No, they do not fit in shoes.

Yes, you can walk with them.

However, they are designed for stationary use, like lounging on the couch, watching TV, reading, or sleeping.

What if I find it uncomfortable?

That’s completely normal!

We designed our bunion splint to be strong enough to realign the big toe joint to stop inflammation and reduce discomfort.

It may take 1-2 sessions to get used to but you’ll feel much better after!

How long should I use it for?

We recommend starting with 30 minutes a day and building up towards a 1 to 3 hour session.

When you feel comfortable, you can start wearing it to sleep.

Wear it while relaxing, like lounging on the couch, watching TV, reading, or sleeping.

Will this help with my specific condition?

Our Bunion Fix is ideal for:

– Alleviating discomfort affecting daily activities like walking or standing

– Providing relief from bunion discomfort during rest or sleep

– Managing early-stage bunions that may be progressing

– Addressing bunions that have returned post-surgery

– Assisting with severe, surgery-ready bunions

– Serving as an effective non-surgical option

Will it fit my foot? Is there a right or left side?

No matter the foot size – from the smallest children’s size to an adult size 13 – the Bunion Fixed Splint fits comfortably.

There are no sides! Its interchangeable design allows it to adapt to either the left or right foot with ease.

How long is the delivery?

After we have shipped your order, you will receive a shipping notification via email. You will find your tracking number and information inside this email.

We ship ALL orders from our warehouses to over 180+ countries.

Please allow 4-15 business days for USA, Canada & Australia shipping.

International shipping may take 7-21 business days.

Where are you located and where do you ship from?

Our company and products are all designed in the United States.

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Treatmedy™ Bunion Fix
Treatmedy™ Bunion Fix