TrimK™ Blue Carbon Titanium Detox Ring


TrimK™ Blue Carbon Titanium Detox Ring

What Is Our Lymphatic System & Why It Is Important?

With over 500 lymph nodes throughout the body, it maintains healthy fluid levels in our body. It transports and removes waste products and abnormal cells from the lymph.

These lymphatic vessels need to stay clear for them to work properly. Just like clogged drains at our home, the lymphatic system sometimes doesn’t function well and can’t get rid of waste effectively. Stagnant lymph flow leads to waste and toxin buildup, weakening immunity and leading to a wide variety of health issues, including swelling.

TrimK™ Blue Carbon Titanium Detox Ring

What Is Threanic Therapy?

In the 1980s, Michael Roy D, PhD, who studied the effects of positive and negative charges on human biology, discovered the TitanION. In the study, he claims that TitanION is the primary driver of thermogenic treatment. According to him, the energy from TitanION has the potential to kill cancerous cells, alleviate arthritis pain, and improve blood circulation.

TrimK™ Blue Carbon Titanium Detox Ring

By realigning the energy pathways that are obstructing the body’s normal energy flow, this therapy enables the body to repair itself. Certain maladies like anxiety, sadness, and sleeplessness, as well as more physical maladies like digestive issues, can be relieved by TitanION.

Magnet Therapy for Weight Loss & The Lymphatic System

TrimK™ Blue Carbon Titanium Detox Ring

In the battle against obesity and its associated diseases, such as cellulite and varicose veins, magnetic therapy is a potent weapon. It has been demonstrated that magnetism can enhance lymphatic and blood flow, which enhances skin texture and tone overall.

A magnetic field is used in magnetic therapy to encourage the body’s own healing mechanisms. It may specifically aid in fat burning while reducing cellulite and enhancing skin suppleness. To enhance blood flow, lessen pain, boost vitality, and encourage relaxation, magnets are applied to certain body parts. The magnets can be applied to any part of the body, including the head and toes, although they work best when positioned over important energy centers like the heart and liver.

What Makes The TrimK™ Blue Carbon Titanium Detox Ring Your GREAT CHOICE?

TrimK™ Blue Carbon Titanium Detox Ring

The majority of magnetic items either use magnets that only partially penetrate the magnetic field or use like poles that repel one another, leaving a dead zone between the magnets. Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation is used by TrimK™ Blue Carbon Titanium Detox Ring to maximize magnetic field flow and discharge electromagnetic charge, which helps to clear obstructions from the body and reestablish a normal energy flow.

15 Minutes Wearing Test

TrimK™ Blue Carbon Titanium Detox Ring

 Powerful TitanION Ion Therapy

 10X Faster release TitanION Elements by ring design

 Effective Body Detoxification

 Reduce 86% of excess Lymph Fluid in 3 Months

 Unclog Bloodstream and Lymph Nodes

 Accelerate Metabolism

 Natural solution for lymphatic drainage and weight loss

 Stylish ring Design

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x TrimK™ Blue Carbon Titanium Detox Ring

TrimK™ Blue Carbon Titanium Detox Ring
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TrimK™ Blue Carbon Titanium Detox Ring
TrimK™ Blue Carbon Titanium Detox Ring
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