UBrace Hernia Support Belt

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UBrace Hernia Support Belt


EFFECTIVE INGUINAL HERNIA RELIEF provides effective relief from pain and discomfort, pre or post hernia surgery. Add compression to  discomfort and maintain your lifestyle with all the support you need.

Specifically made to target hernia pain and aid in the treatment process. Adds the right amount of gentle and gradual pressure to the area while providing unilateral hernia support for either left or right side.

 This belt hernia support truss. Adjustable in nature and with added padding, our compression pad is designed to create pressure against your hernia allowing you to resume your daily activities.

Hernia belt will conform to your body for an ergonomically comfortable experience. Easily comes on and off for added comfort and flexibility.

Highly adjustable and high quality medical grade closure mechanism to secure in place when on. Achieve the perfect pressure level in the exact location which is desired.

Great for reducing discomfort and pain from inguinal, groin and femoral hernias. 


Size: S/M (34-44 IN Hip Circumference)
Color: White / Black
Closure Type: Hook and Loop

Package Contains:

1 x U-Brace Hernia Support Belt

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UBrace Hernia Support Belt
Original price was: $39.94.Current price is: $19.97. Select options