Ultimate Psoriasis & Eczema Natural Herbal Cream


Ultimate Psoriasis & Eczema Natural Herbal Cream

Stop those embarrassing flair-ups from burning red eczema!

Advanced Psoriasis & Eczema Natural Herbal Cream¬†rebuilds¬†microscopic cracks¬†on skin’s outermost layer to¬†cease flaking & inflammation, foaming a¬†protective seal¬†to strengthen skin with¬†natural herbal essence.

Loaded with proven skin hydrators & anti-inflammatory herbs, it repairs damaged skin barrier and prevents infections with improved hydration.

The antipruritic itch-relief formula provides a mild cooling effect on red flaky patches while absorbed quickly, without feeling sticky or gunky throughout the day.

Drastic Improvements With:

  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Shingles Symptoms
  • Rosacea
  • Dermatitis
  • Irritated, Itchy Skin


  • INSTANT RELIEF:¬†Instantly repair dry,¬†cracked, scaly &¬†painful skin.
  • REDUCE THE ITCH:¬†Antipruritic formula to¬†control the itch¬†with a slight cooling effect on red flaky patches.
  • SAFE TO USE:¬†Steroid-free¬†and no risky side effects.
  • PREVENT FLARES:¬†Rebuild damaged skin barrier to stop flaking and flares.
  • MOISTURIZING:¬†Lock in moisture and nourish dry & weak skin.
  • CALMING:¬†Remove swelling and redness caused by¬†inflammation.
  • SKIN RENEWAL:¬†Boost healing & promote New Cell Growth.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT:¬†Fast absorbing &¬†lightweight¬†without leaving you feeling heavy or greasy.
  • ALL SKIN TYPES:¬†Perfect for All Skin Types with Hypoallergenic formula.


  • Capacity: 15g
  • Main Ingredient: Crisaborole (Eucrisa),¬†Ceramide, Botanical Extracts (Japanese Stemona Root), Glabrous Greenbrier Rhizome


  • Apply a thin layer on the affected area. Gently massage till absorbed totally.
  • Use 1-3 times daily if necessary.

Package Includes:

  • Advanced Psoriasis & Eczema Natural Herbal Cream X 1
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Ultimate Psoriasis & Eczema Natural Herbal Cream
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