Ultra Soft Baby Sleeping Bag


Ultra Soft Baby Sleeping Bag
Ultra Soft Baby Sleeping Bag
Keep your baby warm and snuggled up in this super soft teddy bear blanket, with leg slits for easy movement.

Swaddle your baby and make sure the blanket doesn’t come off by pulling on the pleats and securing them with Velcro.

The baby sleeping bag is not only cute, warm and comfortable, but it is also made of wool and cotton which makes it look like you are literally cuddling a teddy bear.

✔️ Warm and Cozy – Keep your little one warm and cozy in this super soft swaddle  blanket.  It can be used as a swaddle blanket, reception blanket, sleeping bag, stroller quilt or crib blanket, baby shower gift, etc.

✔️ Soft  , Lightweight and Breathable – Our baby blankets are not only beautiful but also lightweight and breathable. They are made of natural cotton and safe for babies, which allows your newborn to be perfectly wrapped and to sleep peacefully.

✔️ Suitable for babies 0-6 months – Adjustable buckle and hook, free to adjust swaddle  size.With separate feet, it allows the baby to kick, but cannot be taken off. A cute hooded teddy bear, protecting the baby’s ear, it stays warm all night long.

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