UltraShield Rust Remover Spray


UltraShield Rust Remover Spray

The Unbelievable Quick & Easy Way To Remove Rust.

All rust stains, rust marks and typical ferrous discolouration will be eliminated with The UltraShield™ Rust Remover Spray.

The UltraShield™ Rust Remover Spray is an acid-free water-based remover that helps remove any stubborn strains of your metal things. Strong rust removal power instantly dissolves rust with no scrubbing. Leaves a protective film that shields metal from oxidation up to 3 years.


  • 5X Rust Removal Power
    Dissolve rust stains completely with no scrubbing, which are hard to clear with normal cleaning.
  • Instant Dissolve Tough Rust  
    Easily remove toughest rust on all metal, chrome surfaces in 3 mins.
  • Anti-Corrosion Agents: 
    Contains ingredients that lubricate surfaces and inhibit future rust and corrosion for 3 years.
  • No Rinsing
    Simply spray and apply on rusty surface. No touching or any protective gear needed.
  • Non-Corrosive
    Non-toxic, acid-free formula. It is biodegradable. Safe to use around kids and pets. it’s safe to use even on electronics.
  • Easy to use
    Spray directly to any rusted metal surface. For extra power on hard-to-remove marks, leave until the rust disappears or repeat if needed.
  • Wide Application:
    Suitable for most metal materials, including automobile wheels, work surfaces, dishwashers, oven grills, stainless steel tableware, etc.


  • Material: Anti-Rust Lubricant
  • Net Content: 50ml/ 100ml


  • 1x UltraShield Rust Remover Spray(50ml / 100ml)