Unbreakable Lawn Mower Blade Head


Unbreakable Lawn Mower Blade Head
Unbreakable Lawn Mower Blade Head

Unbreakable Lawn Mower Blade Head


Tired of your trimmer being too weak to cut tough weeds? 

Replace your trimmer head with the Break Proof Steel Trimmer Blade that slices through grass, branches, weeds super FAST!

Trimmer Blades are constructed from high-grade Steel wire for ultra hardness, sharpness and extra durability. 

Designed with 360° wire steel blades for full coverage cutting with no dead spots. Cut more effectively with less time while saving gas or electricity.


Super Clear Ability

Grounds such as garden grass and cement ground can have strong cleaning ability.


Better Performance

You’ll never have to stop doing what you’re doing and get your job done is a fraction of the time.

Unique Design

This trimmer head is made of twisted steel wires. It is specially designed for both simple quick and easy jobs, or for tough jobs that need turbo power injection. No job is too big or too difficult for this product.


Unbreakable Lawn Mower Blade Head


Package Include: 1 x Steel wire trimmer head

Color: Silver

Material: Steel wire

Size: 15 x 15 x 2.5 cm/6 x 6 x 1 inches

Diameter: 15 cm/6 inch

Hole size: 2.54cm

How to install?

Tips: Our trimmer has a universal head that fits all trimmer models.

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