Universal Detachable Zipper Puller


Universal Detachable Zipper Puller
Universal Detachable Zipper Puller

Universal Detachable Zipper Puller


Is the small accessories of the clothing damaged? It affects the use? Is it troublesome to repair?

Easily repair and replace damaged clothing accessories, which can be reused, saving money and effort


Convenient and functional: A zipper replacement pull that you can install without tools or sewing skills, easy to repair your clothes, bring you much convenience even when you are travelling, fast and effective solution for zipper falling

Proper size: We use size 5, which is suitable for most sizes, because most of the clothes and bags are in size 5, you can use them at ease; Small items, please keep them away from little kids

Durable material: Our zipper slider pull tab is made of zinc alloy, solid and durable to use for a long time, not easy to break or deform, you can choose different colors to match with your objects

Suitable occasions: These metal zipper heads are suitable for many occasions, they can be applied for suitcases, jackets, bags, sportswear, down coats, backpack, boots and more; You can also share them with your friends or family members.

Using Methods

Universal Detachable Zipper Puller


  • Alloy
Product Weight
  • 34G
Product Colour
  •  Black, Silver, Gold
Package Contents (Optional)
  • Removable Zipper Pull × 4
  • Removable Zipper Pull × 8
  • Removable Zipper Pull × 16
  • Removable Zipper Pull × 32
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