UNPREE™ Gum Repair Strips


Renew Your Smile from the Comfort of Your Home: UNPREE™ Gum Repair Strips for Advanced Restoration of Gum and Teeth Health

UNPREE™ Gum Repair Strips

Experience instant improvements in oral health with the transformative benefits of UNPREE™ Gum Repair Strips. This groundbreaking gel adopts a holistic approach to rejuvenate gum health, providing a soothing and revitalizing sensation for your gums. Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace a healthier, more radiant smile with UNPREE™ Gum Repair Strips.

Provides Essential Nutrients to Rejuvenate Your Gums

UNPREE™ Gum Repair Strips

Harness the power of UNPREE™ Gum Repair Strips to directly provide an abundance of essential nutrients to your gum tissue. This effective delivery guarantees swift absorption, eliminating any obstacles between you and nourished gums. Upon application, the gel produces immediate results by delivering the necessary building blocks for the growth and repair of healthy gum tissue.

Quickly Alleviates Painful Inflammation

UNPREE™ Gum Repair Strips

Experience swift relief from inflammation and discomfort associated with gum disease using UNPREE™ Gum Repair Strips. Enriched with natural anti-inflammatory compounds and anesthetic properties, it adeptly addresses gingival inflammation symptoms, alleviating pain and creating a conducive environment for natural gum regeneration. This fast-acting gel reduces swelling, redness, and sensitivity associated with receding gums, providing immediate relief from irritation.

Proven to Improve Natural Gum Attachment

UNPREE™ Gum Repair Strips

UNPREE™ Gum Repair Strips is carefully created to strengthen the bond between your gums and teeth. It actively contributes to restoring proper gum attachment, working to prevent ongoing gum recession by stimulating cellular regeneration, collagen production, and tissue renewal.

Key Ingredients of UNPREE™ Gum Repair Strips

UNPREE™ Gum Repair Strips


Tideglusib, integrated into a collagen sponge brush and applied to a damaged tooth, triggers the differentiation of dental pulp stem cells into cells that generate teeth. Dentin flourishes, nourished by Tideglusib’s regenerative properties. This groundbreaking approach transforms dental care, restoring compromised teeth.

Hyaluronic acid, well-suited for addressing acute periodontal conditions like gingivitis and periodontitis, provides immediate relief for symptoms such as swollen and bleeding gums, along with periodontal pockets.

Functioning as a natural antioxidant, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) assists in reducing inflammation and facilitating gum healing. Scientific studies have delved into the advantages of CoQ10 for gum tissue repair, particularly underscoring its significance when a CoQ10 deficiency reaches around 25%.

Vitamin C, essential for collagen production, plays a pivotal role in maintaining the structural integrity of gums. Its deficiency can result in inflamed, bleeding, and painful gums; however, Vitamin C promotes the strength, resilience, and overall health of gums. Actively contributing to the repair process, it also serves as a preventive measure against gum disease.

What Makes This UNPREE™ Gum Repair Strips Be The GREAT CHOICE?

 Natural gum tissue regeneration is promoted by the use of this product

 Strengthen the attachment between the gums and the teeth

 Recover from gum recession and maintain healthy tissue

 Nutrients are delivered quickly and easily for maximum efficiency

 Enhances overall gum health

 Restores a youthful and vibrant smile

 Easy and effective way to address gum recession, sensitivity, and inflammation

Usage Directions

Clean the mouth with warmwater and dry teeth

Open the cover, twist another end the pen, brush the essence on to your teeth within 30 seconds to 1 minute

Clean your mouth after 30 minutes

Apply only 1-2 times a week



UNPREE™ Gum Repair Strips

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UNPREE™ Gum Repair Strips
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