Varicose Care Health Patch


VaricoseCare Health Patch produces heat that makes the vein wall collapse, closing and sealing it shut. After the vein has been sealed, the blood naturally flows and is redirected to healthy veins.

  • Reduces Varicose Veins
    Packed with Ginger, the Varicose Care Health Patch helps blood circulation that eases varicose veins.
  • Reduces Swelling
    Reduce swelling, inflammation, and vein bulging.
  • Pain Relief
    The Varicose Veins Foot Patch provides pain relief against varicose veins and muscle over-exhaustion.
  • Non-Invasive
    The Varicose Care Health Patch is designed to work when applied topically. It does not require ingestion and/or injection to take effect.
  • Painless
    No need to worry about the pain after patch removal because comfort is a priority during the development of Varicose Veins Foot Patch.
  • Easy to Apply
    The Varicose Care Health Patch would take less than three minutes to apply.

VaricoseCare Health Patch has the following product:


  1. Clean the leg area
  2. Stick the Varicose Care Health Patch
  3. Wait for 8-9 hrs, then peel off (for best results use before bedtime)


  • Main ingredients: Ginger, Chinese Mugwort, Grape Seed
  • Patch Size: 10 cm x 7 cm

Package Inclusions

  • 1 pack of VaricoseCare Health Patch (12 pcs)
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Varicose Care Health Patch
Varicose Care Health Patch
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