Veggie Cutter

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Veggie Cutter

A compact, but super effective gadget that helps you chop and dice veggies with ease – a must-have in the kitchen of all who love veggies!

✅Create Sticks, Strips & Cubes

Our cutter allows you to quickly create sticks, strips, and cubes out of carrots, onions, cucumbers and more!

✅Push It With Full Force

Unlike most cube cutters, ours allows you to use your full pushing force, due to its unconventional, but convenient design!

✅Ultra Easy To Clean

The gadget has two parts – a cutter and a base, making it ultra easy to take it apart and clean it up!

✅Make Nutritious Meals Appetizing

Make almost any veggie instantly more (visually) appetizing by slicing it up into tasty and nutritious strips or cubes!

✅Sharp Stainless Steel Grid

The cutting grid is made out of stainless steel and it’s able to quickly cut through most veggies!

✅Compact And Easy To Store

Our cutter comes in at just about 4 by 6 inches in total size, so it’s super easy to store it in your kitchen!

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Veggie Cutter
Veggie Cutter