VividEmpower™ Far Infrared & Ion Empowerment Undergarment


Why does Fat Get Stored in the Belly Faster?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that as women age, their body’s ability to expend energy gradually diminishes. This can lead to unutilized energy being converted into fat and stored in fat cellsresulting in weight gain and fat accumulation. Many women also notice an increase in belly fat, which is attributed to reduced blood circulation and metabolism as they age.

How does the VividEmpower™ Empowerment Undergarment work?

VividEmpower™ Empowerment Undergarment is built upon the foundation of far infrared therapy and ion therapy, offering users a multi-dimensional massage and stimulation that plays an incredible role in enhancing blood flow and circulation within the body.

 VividEmpower™ Far Infrared & Ion Empowerment Undergarment

The comprehensive activation of over 800 reflex points in the abdomen by VividEmpower™ Empowerment Undergarment contributes to stimulating the blood and lymphatic circulation within the body. This aids in alleviating lymphatic swelling and inflammationreducing the accumulation of fluids and fat deposits within the body.

Far Infrared Therapy

Far infrared radiation is a segment of the infrared electromagnetic spectrum. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the United States indicate that infrared therapy not only promotes blood circulation, enhances cellular metabolism, and stimulates collagen production, but also aids in calorie expenditure within the body, thereby facilitating weight loss.

VividEmpower™ Far Infrared & Ion Empowerment Undergarment

  • Far infrared radiation generates high-frequency vibrations that can stimulate the release of fatty acids and glycerol from fat cells within the body. These components are then utilized by the body, making it an advanced therapy for fat burning, reducing stretch marks, and minimizing cellulite formation.

Get in shape and Improve Blood Circulation

The multi-dimensional massage of VividEmpower™ Empowerment Undergarment stimulates the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks, promoting blood circulation and overall relaxation of the body. Its clever design ensures a smooth and stylish look from every angle. With its skin-friendly and breathable fabric, it is four times lighter than regular shorts yet provides ten times the shaping effect on the body. Achieve the perfect body curves overnight!

Burn Fat, Detoxify and Quickly Shape Your Body

The VividEmpower™ Empowerment Undergarment can assist you in achieving your weight loss goals, even if you don’t engage in regular exercise. Utilizing 80% far infrared therapy, it enhances metabolism, aids in detoxification, and reduces the buildup of cellulite and water retention. Additionally, it can swiftly help shape your physique, resulting in a tighter waist and abdomen, as well as fuller hips.

VividEmpower™ Far Infrared & Ion Empowerment Undergarment

What Makes VividEmpower™ Empowerment Undergarment the Perfect Solution?

Therapies verified by authoritative institutions

Reduce internal waste and excess fat, slimming

Accelerate metabolism, solve lymphatic problems (lymphedema, lipoma, etc.)

Significantly improve blood circulation throughout the body

Shapes and Forms Waist & Hips

Reduce physical fatigue and chronic inflammation

Prevent cancer cells and enhance the immune system

Improves Digestive Function


VividEmpower™ Far Infrared & Ion Empowerment Undergarment

Package Includes: 1 x VividEmpower™ Far Infrared & Ion Empowerment Undergarment

  • Certified by the FDA
  • Utilizing unique AAA-grade antimicrobial micro-nylon fiber
  • High standard sizing, validated through three-dimensional data testing, allowing you to choose the suitable size based on your weight
  • All products sold have undergone far-infrared testing to ensure accurate performance and results.
VividEmpower™ Far Infrared & Ion Empowerment Undergarment
VividEmpower™ Far Infrared & Ion Empowerment Undergarment
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