VodNature——Bergamot Fruit Oil


VodNature Bergamot Fruit Oil

Since 1983, we’ve been looking for effective ways to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s disease from progressing.

Founded by a doctor’s wife and recommended by thousands more doctors since,  VodNature  to help the elderly live a healthier lifestyle and be more aware of their bodies.

93-year-old Neill beged seniors to use the essential oil as an aromatherapy to prevent the Alzheimer’s disease.
In an emergency TV interview
The world’s oldest doctor
Issued a grave warning for seniors over 60:
“The atmosphere in your home may determine whether you healthy or not”

VodNature is produced by using cutting-edge steam distillation technology from the bergamot fruit gives effects none other aromatherapy essential oil can produce!

Try it to improve your cognitive abilities and achieve better clarity and focus in your life! It is also known to stimulate cognitive functioning and memory, reducing the risks of brain decline as we age, which can beneficial for those that have dementia/Alzheimer’s.

It contains the bergamot fruit fraction that improves neural functioning by stimulating the release of healthy hormones like serotonin and dopamine. These hormones help in improving nerve function and help set you in an invigorated disposition to help you achieve clarity of thought and improved mental sharpness.

Benefits Of VodNature

✔ Easy to use

✔ Stimulate Blood flow

✔ Improve Cognitive Abilities

✔ Opens Up Olfactory Bulbs

✔ Improve Focus

✔ Make Clearer Decisions

It contains an active compound with high potency to help optimize brain cell function and boost mental and physical performance.

Heightens Focus and Alertness

Encourages blood flow to the brain for enhanced alertness, attention,  and memory sharpness

Calming and Stress-Reducing

The energizing aroma will help restore brain chemicals and refocus the mind when mental fatigue kicks in.

100% Natural and Non-toxic

Formulated with certified natural ingredients and no additives, it is safe to use and is highly effective in stimulating the brain and boosting natural mental energy levels.

Ethically and sustainably sourced

All ingredients used in the production of Rosille are being sourced and obtained responsibly and in a sustainable way.

How To Use VodNature

Use once in the morning and once in the evening or add into humidifier, one bottle can be used for about one weekthree weeks is an effective cycle

1. Apply some on your hand, gently rub around your fingers and gradually massage your temple with it.

2. Drip 2 -3 drops into a diffuser and use it overnight.

*For best results, complete 1 full treatment (3 bottles).

VodNature Bergamot Fruit Oil

VodNature Bergamot Fruit Oil
VodNature——Bergamot Fruit Oil
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