Wall Repair Rolling Brush


Wall Repair Rolling Brush
Wall Repair Rolling Brush

The graffiti on the wall, the moldy wall, the footprints on the wall.

Does your wall still have this problem?

 Fully renovate the wall and solve multiple wall problems at one time.


Health and safety:

The use of environmentally friendly raw materials, harmless to humans, does not hurt the skin, no pungent odor, formaldehyde detection qualified.Protect the physical and mental health of you and your family.

Intimate Design:

The thoughtful two-in-one design of roller brush and paint makes it easier to use. It comes with a scraper, which can be applied quickly and evenly, even girls can easily apply it.

Quick Dry, No Pungent Odor:

Using high-quality eco-friendly materials, no odor, harmless to our health, 4-5 hours quick drying, does not stain hands or clothes.


In order to meet your needs, we have prepared a variety of colors for you to choose, so that your home is no longer monotonous.

How to Use
First of all, we need to remove the dust, oil stains and loose substances on the wall, then open the bottle cap and squeeze out the latex paint and roll it on the wall. After use, we need to clean the small roller brush and dry small roller brush.


Weight: 100ML
Product color: 5 colors optional
Application location: indoor walls such as concrete, lime plaster, masonry and plaster


Paint x 1 pc

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