Waterproof Liquid Insulation Tape


Waterproof Liquid Insulation Tape

Seal electrical connections with no messy, sticky tape!

Waterproof  Liquid Insulation Tape safely insulates and splices electrical wires, offering waterproof and moisture-proof protection against corrosion.

This advanced liquid tape provides an excellent waterproof seal and is formulated to resist unraveling and deteriorating like traditional electrical tape. Easy to use, mess-free with fast drying formula.

Adhering to all metal, plastic, vinyl, rubber and composite surfaces, it is durable and buildable with additional layers. Use anywhere a weatherproof and dependable connection is needed: Laptop power cords, bilge pumps, outdoor exposed wiring and more.


  • INSULATED SEAL:¬†Ultra-strong sealing¬†performance to form¬†airtight, protective, UV resistant &¬†dielectric coating¬†for safety and neatness.
  • FLEXIBLE:¬†Anti-cracking or peeling while remaining¬†flexible¬†after curing.
  • EASY TO USE:¬†Simply apply liquid glue and let it cure. No more messy tape.
  • WATERPROOF:¬†Prevent leakage and hazards from moisture with waterproof protection.
  • DURABLE:¬†In the case of the same capacity, the insulating glue in liquid form is more durable, secure and¬†long lasting.
  • ANTI-OXIDATION:¬†Full coverage on targeted area to block out air and oxidation.
  • TEMPERATURE RESISTANT:¬†Working temperature between¬†-52¬įF¬†and 572¬įF¬†(-30‚ĄÉ and 300‚ĄÉ)¬†for adapting to most environments.
  • WIDE USAGE:¬†Perfect for wire bonding, thread fixing, circuit boards, semiconductor materials, car wiring, and circuit decoration and more.


  • Used in the bonding of electronic components, electrical equipment, sealing semiconductor materials, electric heaters, electronic meters, etc.



  • COLOR:¬†Black, white
  • SIZE:¬†13 √ó 8 √ó 9cm / 5.1 √ó 3.1 √ó 3.5inches
  • Net Weight: 30ML
  • SHELF LIFE:¬†3 years


  • Liquid Insulation Tape (1pc / 2pcs / 4pcs)