WaterPulse Atomizer Nozzle


WaterPulse Atomizer Nozzle
If you love to garden, then you know that watering it regularly, and correctly, keeps them green and growing.

Water Mist Garden Without Expensive Irrigation Systems!

WaterPulse Atomizer Nozzle

Cost-effective alternative to expensive in-ground sprinkler or irrigation systems.

High-quality ABS. Choose either in 4, 5 or 6 heads rotating headwater spray. Built to last and deliver worry-free performance.

Atomizes Large Water Flow Into Mists!
Watering is more convenient and will not hurt flowers and crops. Very suitable for landscaping, agricultural drought resistance, watering, watering flowers, grassing.

Rotating sprinkler. Adjust the amount of water, output mode and angle of the irrigation position. Evenly discharge the water on the proper range. Adjustable nozzles to spray in specific direction. Provides an even layer of water without putting out any wasteful excess.

Easy-to-use. Simply Attach to ANY garden hose for quick setup. This atomizer is just a fraction of the cost of an expensive in-ground system and can be installed without any mess. No troublesome wiring needed!

Wide Water Atomizer Coverage. Very suitable for misting medium to large yard. The stronger the water pressure, the better the atomization.

Waters Your Garden 10X Faster!

Versatile enough to water your lawn and be used as a fun sprinkler set for your kids to cool off on a hot summer day.

Can use in watering a small patch of newly seeded grass or on a large area of your lawn.

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