Whisk Wiper Set


Never let a drop of your delicious baking creams go to waste with this whisk wiper and egg beater set!

This high-performance egg beater and whisk wiper set is a sure kitchen must-have to make baking more fun and mess-free. The whisker provides a non-slip, ergonomic handle for better maneuverability and comfort. Furthermore, the whisk wiper is used for scooping and collecting out all the mix ingredients stuck onto the whisker back into your bowl.

Leaving your beater nice and clean to prevent any food wastage just by pulling the wiper out. This handy whisk wiper can also help you for thoroughly scraping and taking every baking mixture in your bowl. It can even catch all drippings when holding the whisker upside down to avoid the sticky mess.

Whisk Wiper Set has the following product:


  • Material:
    Whisk: Stainless Steel &  Whisk Wiper: TPE


  • 1 SET of Whisk Wiper Set ( Whisk Wiper + Whisk)/
  • 1PC of  Whisk Wiper
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Whisk Wiper Set
Whisk Wiper Set
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