Woodworking Chainsaw Blade Sharpener


Woodworking Chainsaw Blade Sharpener

Sharpen your chainsaw in a matter of seconds

Chain Saw Sharpener allows you to quickly and easily sharpen chain while still on the saw, while other chain types require you to manually file and grind chain to maintain sharpness.


Your new best friend in the woods

Imagine working in the woods, away from civilization, and suddenly your blade gets so worn out that you can’t even finish your job properly? With our Chainsaw Sharpener, you’ll always be prepared for situations like this.

Chain Saw Sharpener bar-mount and how it works

Attach: The Chain Saw Sharpener saw chain sharpening system is simple to use. When your saw chain dulls, simply attach the bar-mount sharpener to the included Chain Saw Sharpener guide bar. Twin guide holes in the tip of the bar make perfect alignment foolproof.

Attaching the PowerSharp bar-mount sharpener

Sharpen: Press the tip of the bar-mount sharpener to a solid surface for 3-5 seconds.


Cut: Resume your work; each cut will now be faster, with much less effort.


Features & Specs

  • Easy: Sharpen on the saw in 5 seconds
  • Specialty: Saw chain is made exclusively for the Chain Saw Sharpener sharpening system
  • LubriTec Lubrication System: Keeps saw chain oiled for less friction and a longer lifespan
  • Compatible with certain models of the following brands: Craftsman, Cub Cadet, Dolmar, Echo, Efco, Homelite, Husqvarna, John Deere, Jonsered, Makita, Olympyk (Oleo-Mac), Poulan/Poulan Pro, Power Pruner/Echo Power Pruner, Redmax

IMPORTANT! The chainsaw sharpener is designed with 2 rivets, one rivet is fixed, the other is adjustable, suitable for 16 to 20 inch two holes chain bar.If your chain bar doesn’t have the two holes towards the end, take a Phillips head screwdriver and remove the inside metal plate that holds one of the rivets that is for the second bar hole. Remove this rivet, it will work.

SAFETY WARNING! You need to tighten the holding screw in the lock mechanism when sharpening the chain.

Package Contents

  • 1 × Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener
Woodworking Chainsaw Blade Sharpener
Woodworking Chainsaw Blade Sharpener
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