X2000 Strong Repair Tape


X2000 Strong Repair Tape
X2000 Strong Repair Tape

X2000 Adhesive Tape – Waterproof Sealant Tape For Cracks, Super Repair Wall Crack Thicken

💥 Uses of the product

✔️ Waterproofing to ceilings, wall stickers, corrugated iron roofs, water tank stickers, plumbing stickers, bucket buckets, swimming pools, shrimp tanks and cracks and cracks in all items.
✔️ Roofing leaks when it rains.
✔️ Seal walls and ceilings to avoid contact with rain water.
✔️ Seal leaking pipes, broken pipes (including hot water pipes), punctured pots or buckets …
✔️ Repair leaky concrete or stainless steel water tanks.
✔️ Dealing with punctures or needles in swimming buoys, rubber pools, inflatable animals, household appliances or other inflatable toys …
✔️ Canvas is punctured.
✔️ Car interior and exterior waterproofing stickers.
✔️ Fix cracks, cracks in everything and hundreds of other household problems quickly.
✔️ Adhesive layer is extremely strong, difficult to peel off, water resistant, heat resistant, waterproof perfect.
✔️ Use in wet, dry, hot, cold and underwater environments.

Seal Cracks On The Water Pipe

Seal Water Tank

Seal Roof , Anti-leak

Seal Cracks In Concrete


✔️ X2000 tape consists of 4 layers:
Outer layer: Anti-oxidation Nano film helps prevent ultraviolet rays
Layer 2: Pure aluminum film for good reflection and heat insulation
Layer 3: Odorless, high temperature resistant super-adhesive Butyl synthetic glue
Layer 4: Non-stick film protects the glue layer


👍 It is recommended to clean the surface to be glued first to achieve perfect adhesion
👍 Tear off the paper at one end, and then pull out the tape with moderate force while applying
👍 Measure or test the length of the position to be glued and then cut the tape. Trying to stick it once is okay because it is very difficult to remove it.
👍 When the tape is fixed as desired, use great force to achieve the highest adhesion.
👍Because of the strong stickiness, please wear gloves to prevent hand sticking.
Do not peel off it after applying within 24 hours.


✨Length: 5 meters
✨Width:  5cm

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