Zavadi PRO Magnetic Acupressure Navel Ring


Zavadi PRO Magnetic Acupressure Navel Ring

Stimulating the magnetic area of your body with a perfectly balanced acupressure ring can stimulate the flow of vitality, oxygen and nutrients to your whole body. It decongests the bloodstream and lymph nodes ensuring that you have maximum freedom from any kind of negative effects. The extra strength magnet also helps remove toxic chemicals from your internal organs which results in helping you detoxify naturally. This unique acupressure design will help you improve your sleep quality and even improves your sexual performance.

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Zavadi PRO Magnetic Acupressure Navel Ring

“Zavadi Magnetic Acupressure Navel Ring has helped me a lot. I dropped 21 lbs in just 2 months and lost 3 dress sizes without diet and exercise. It helps me control my appetite and blocks carbohydrates. I nearly cried! and most importantly It works really well without adding anything I am really happy for a little extra jazz! Get it and you won’t be disappointed because it is really effective and it is really fashionable too.”

Trisha Smith, 30, Carlsbad, California

Zavadi PRO Magnetic Acupressure Navel Ring

“Constant flabby arms, water retention, and cellulite made me feel like a blob. I felt like I was drowning in my own skin, and it was so hard to find clothes that fit me. But when I found theZavadi Magnetic Acupressure Navel Ring, my life changed. I lost inches from my hips and thighs, and I can wear any outfit with confidence now! And the thing is—it’s not just about how the clothes look on me—it’s about how I feel. The lymphatic drainage helps me feel lighter and more energetic, which has made me happier than ever before.”

Susan Pearson, 32, Cincinnati, Ohio

How are Toxins Resulting in Your Obesity and Fatigue?

One of the major problems with toxins is that they can disrupt the normal functioning of our bodies and many toxins and chemicals have been known to cause weight gain. Toxins can also cause inflammation which can further contribute to weight gain and fatigue, as well as a host of other health problems.

Zavadi PRO Magnetic Acupressure Navel Ring

Toxins influence your metabolism, hormones, and brain function, among other factors that contribute to weight gain. In general, poisons can promote weight gain because our systems respond to toxicity by generating new fat cells. They put on even more weight as a result of the stress and frustration they experience, and finally get an illness diagnosis.

Stored Toxins Not Only Make Us Fat, But They Disrupt Fat Burning & Cause Illness. We now know that toxins can be stored in body fat tissue. And that these stored toxins – now out of our circulation – can still cause health issues in the body.

Can Acupoint Help in the Reduction of Weight?

Acupuncture points weight loss is based on the meridian theory of Chinese medicine. It is a healthy, safe and fast weight loss way. It dredges the meridians and stimulates relevant acupuncture points to archive, decompose and consume, and get rid of the excessive fat through urination and defecation and sweat glands.

Zavadi PRO Magnetic Acupressure Navel Ring

Research shows that by stimulating acupuncture points, it can effectively suppress appetite and inhibit gastrointestinal absorption and reduce energy intake, promote energy metabolism, fat decomposition and weight loss.

In 2019, Howard Wright, MD, carried out a research titled “Testing Acupoint Therapy for Weight Loss and Abdominal Obesity Outcomes in a Randomized Controlled Trial.” The research, which was reported in Biomedical Engineering Online, involved 51 women in their early 20s.

By stimulating weight loss pressure point, which is beneficial for regulating the body’s metabolic capacity and reducing the fat accumulation in the body to achieve weight loss. In addition, it can also suppress excessive appetite, thereby reducing the appetite for food that is also very helpful for weight loss, but we must find the right acupoints and keep it for a long time.

What is Umbilical Ring Acupressure?

The umbilical ring is a dense fibrous ring surrounding the umbilicus at birth. At about the sixth week of embryological development, the midgut herniates through the umbilical ring; six weeks later it returns to the abdominal cavity and rotates around the superior mesenteric artery.

Zavadi PRO Magnetic Acupressure Navel Ring

The umbilicus may be split into superficial, intermediate, and deep layers to connect with various organs, serving as both a micro-diagnosis system and a window for sickness therapy. The umbilical inner ring and outer ring are collectively known as Umbilical Ring acupoints, and they have the ability to clear pathways, balance blood flow to control and eliminate toxins, tonify deficiencies, and break up stagnation in order to treat a variety of illnesses affecting the entire body.

How does Zavadi Magnetic Acupressure Navel Ring Works?

Zavadi PRO Magnetic Acupressure Navel Ring

Pressure applied to the navel might activate acupuncture points. By clipping the Navel ring it automatically applied pressure to activate the acupoints that can help stimulate your digestive system and improve your blood flow.

The umbilical inner ring and outer ring are collectively known as Umbilical Ring acupoints, and they have the ability to clear pathways, balance blood flow to control and eliminate toxins. Ergonomically designed, it will not feel uncomfortable to wear for a day. Enjoy wearing dangle belly button rings even without piercings. It Promotes the absorption of tissue fluid into the lymphatic vessels. Maintain fluid levels in the body. Promotes nutrient-rich blood flow and boosts metabolism.

What makes Zavadi Magnetic Acupressure Navel Ring Special?

✔ Acceleration of metabolism

✔ Natural solution for lymphatic drainage & weight loss

✔ Decongests the bloodstream & lymph nodes

✔ Helps body detoxification

✔ Helps eliminate toxic chemicals

✔ Promotes balance, clarity & manifestation

✔ Fashionable and trendy accessory

Lauren Ferguson shared these photos of her body transformation with the help of the Zavadi Magnetic Acupressure Navel Ring:

October 3, 2022

“Lately, I was feeling too tired and exhausted because I’ve been doing extra work in the office and at the same time, I’ve been stress eating lately. That’s why I gained weight. Until I found this Zavadi Magnetic Acupressure Navel Ring online and purchased it. In only 1 week I can already see an improvement with my body because I can finally check my body condition and also I lose 7 pounds!“

October 29, 2022

“I’m in my fourth week of wearing this ring and I’m so happy to say that my body is getting better and I even lost 16 pounds of my weight without doing anything or too much exercise. My skin is getting tighter too! I am gaining the self esteem that I lost for a long time because of my weight gain and I am always in a happy mood lately.“

November 8, 2022

“All I can say is that I never regret buying thisZavadi Magnetic Acupressure Navel Ring because it really changes my body and even my life because I lost 26 pounds of my weight and my body is in the right shape, the abs are showing up! I am also happy to be able to have an added energy to my body to make sure that I am perfectly healthy and in shape!“

Lauren Ferguson, 34, Las Vegas, Nevada


  • Materials: Medical Grade Magnets, Premium Zinc Alloy
  • Size: 1.5 x 10mm inner diameter

Package Inclusion:

  • 1 x Zavadi PRO Magnetic Acupressure Navel Ring
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Zavadi PRO Magnetic Acupressure Navel Ring
Zavadi PRO Magnetic Acupressure Navel Ring
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