Zip can opener


Zip can opener

Your hands deserve to be treated like royalty! No effort. No injury. Save your energy. Save time. 

A great help for people with challenges gripping, best friend for elderly suffering from arthritis problem.

Easy to open bottles of various calibers

The use of food-grade silicone, the previous can opener will rust after a long time, rust stains the mouth of the bottle, resulting in unhygienic storage of food.


❥【 Durable material】:This bottle opener is made of plastic, so it feels comfortable, lightweight and portable.

Compared with the previous can opener, no sharp iron, children use much more at ease, will not cut hands.
❥【Multi functions】: Openers for 6 different types of seals and lids-bags, tightly seals, pull tabs, bottle caps, jar lids.
❥【Labor saving】: This opener is wonderful for anyone who looking for a better, faster, easier way to open all of the sealed containers in their kitchen.
❥【Kitchen tools】: This opener makes your life so much easier. It is lightweight and grips so perfectly. A must-have kitchen gadget that will replace a handful of bulky tools.


Zip can opener
Zip can opener
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