🔥❄️Reusable Anti Snow Chains Of Car⛄🔥


🔥❄️Reusable Anti Snow Chains Of Car⛄🔥

🔥❄️Reusable Anti Snow Chains Of Car⛄🔥

🔥❄️Reusable Anti Snow Chains Of Car⛄🔥

Do you know the dangers of driving in winter?

  • Tire skidding can easily cause a car accident


  • You can choose the Quantity of Skid Snow Chains on one tire.


  • It can be applied to all the models of the tire width range from 6.5 – 10.5 inches. Multi-Purpose snow chains for trucks, SUVs, small vans, passenger cars, and other universal vehicles.

Tie type of snow chain

  • Can be reused, just unfasten the clasp to remove
  • Dichotomanthes nail Cleated for supreme traction, it fits securely over your tire and provides the perfect amount of traction and grip on slippery surfaces.


  • Fast installation with no need to move the vehicle or take down the tires, easy for men and women to use.


  • This Anti-skid Chain is a safety design for safety driving
  • The special rough surface can increase the friction with the road to protect the tires and prevent slipping when you driving in the snowfield and mud
  • It will be more secure, especially when you driving in the snowfield

Package combination:

  1. SET 10 PCS(10 PCS orange non-slip rolled belt,suitable for 2 wheels)
  2. SET 20 PCS(20 PCS orange portable emergency non-slip cable tie, suitable for 4 wheels)
  3. SET 30 PCS  (Used for backup)