10 Studs Ice Gripper Spike Anti-Skid (1 Pair)


10 Studs Ice Gripper Spike Anti-Skid (1 Pair)
10 Studs Ice Gripper Spike Anti-Skid (1 Pair)

Avoid winter slips and falls!

10 Studs Ice Gripper Spike Anti-Skid (1 Pair)

Want to enjoy your time during winter and avoid getting hurt by slippery icy surfaces. Put on 10 Studs Ice Gripper Spike Anti-Skid over your shoes and stay safe on the icy ground!

10 Studs Ice Gripper Spike Anti-Skid helps you to keep still in winter. You’ll be able to walk and even run on ice without slipping on the ground. There are 10 steel anti-slip studs on each foot to keep you safe. And the bands are made of stretchable elastic which fits well over different sizes and style of shoes. It also allows you to put on and off over your footwear easily. Its high quality that maintains its optimal performance under -40 °C.


  • 10 Anti-Skid Studs:
    Provide secure grips on snow and icy surfaces.
  • Durable Materials:
    Made of durable rubber and steel studs, which maintains its best performance under -40 °C!
  • Stretchable Elastic:
    High-quality stretch rubber, which fits in everyone’s shoes! Our products not only suitable for men or women but also easy to wear over your shoes!
  • Easy to Use & Carry:
    Fits well over your footwear. You can easily take them on and off. They’re able to be rolled up to fit in your bag, or even your pockets.
  • Suitable for Different Shoes
    They’re super stretchable and available from size S to XL, which fits in sneakers, boots, and more! You can definitely enjoy your outdoor time in winter!


  • Materials: Rubber, steel
  • Colour: black
  • Size: S/ M/ L/ XL


  • 1 pair x 10 Studs Ice Gripper Spike Anti-Skid