Cup Noodles Humidifier


Cup Noodles Humidifier

Cup Noodles Humidifier

Broke college kids 💸 and hungry humans at 3 am 😣 will definitely find this picture familiar. BUT, do you know this is not your typical cup noodle. IT IS A HUMIDIFIER! Say what….😨

🍜  Cup noodle humidifier feature:

✨ Comes with 5 free humidifier replacement wick!

✨ Easy to use: Only make use of one button to control the on and off of this humidifier.

✨ Long-lasting: Packed with 300 ml to last up to 8 hours.

✨ Split waterproof design: Easy to clean the humidifier/add water

✨ Quiet operation: This humidifier operates below 30db.That’s even quieter than a whisper!

✨ Lightweight(Portable): With its small size and lightweight design, this humidifier is portable and easy to carry around to any place and activities.

✨ Save on the batteries: This humidifier is USB Powered.

✨ Nano-level environmental protection atomization: Made with 99% antibacterial absorbent cotton to ensure you have a cleaner humidifying experience

✨ Great Gift Idea: Giving this to anyone will make them love you infinitely more.

📦  Package includes:

Cup Noodle Humidifier x 1

Manual x 1

USB Cable x 1

Free humidifier replacement Wick x 5

  📝 How to use:

  1. Take out the cotton filter and soak it in water totally for about 1 minutes
  2. Install the wet cotton filter into the humidifier (please do not lose the small spring)
  3. Add an appropriate volume of water to the humidifier (refer to the pic below)

  1. Connect the humidier via USB and press the button to turn it on
  2. Press the switch again to turn it off
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Cup Noodles Humidifier
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