45° Lock Miter Cutting Head


45° Lock Miter Cutting Head
45° Lock Miter Cutting Head

45° Lock Miter Cutting Head

The quickest and easiest way to accurately create boxes, stretcher bars, frames and any assortment of right angle or parallel joint projects.

The lock miter cutter head produces perfectly fitting 45 degree miter joints in two steps, creating a strong joint between two woods better than super glue or screws.


  • Perfect Cut

Two easy steps to produce perfectly fitting 45° miter joints: first, position your workpiece horizontally, then vertically.

  • Strong Joints

Create parallel glue joints in two steps: place your workpiece horizontally, internal side facing down, and then turn it facing up.

  • Durable

Hard aluminium alloy body with high resistance to rust, tensile and yield stress.

  • Wide Application

Perfect for creating boxes, stretcher bars, boxes, cabinets, columns, and a host of other projects. 


Material: Aluminium Alloy

Color: Yellow


1x 45° Lock Miter Cutting Head

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