AgeRewind Anti-Wrinkles Essense

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AgeRewind Anti-Wrinkles Essense
AgeRewind Anti-Wrinkles Essense

AgeRewind Anti-Wrinkles Essense

The latest nanometric treatment so that it penetrates deep into facial skin tissue. It’s time to invest so that the skin remains healthy and well-maintained. Features of AgeRewind Anti-Wrinkles Essense Micro Essence Protein Cream: Anti-oxidation, carry bright color of skin, fade melanin, Hydrating, desalt blain to imprint, Shrink pores, anti-wrinkle, Lifting, Firming, Relieve allergy, Repair the basal cells and Deep cleansing. One pace reaches the designated position.


  • Keep The moisture content of the skin, soft and luminous.
  • Gives Maximum moisture to the skin especially dry skin easier wrinkles, as moisturizer, whitening, lifting and detoxifying effect.

  • Effectively Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, uplifts skin and lighten pigmentation.

  • Suitable to all type of skin, Let your face appear a smooth white elastic!

How to Use

  1. Put just a little bit amount on your hands.
  2. Then use it to apply on your face.
  3. Gently massage your face.

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AgeRewind Anti-Wrinkles Essense