Anti-Crack Tile Drilling Tool Set

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Anti-Crack Tile Drilling Tool Set
Anti-Crack Tile Drilling Tool Set
The best drill bit for all of your drilling projects!
Create a perfect, clean hole through any surface using this Drill Bit! ⚙️
This fine grade drill bit offers deep, perfect holes without causing any cracks or other damages from the materials. It features a cross angle tip that helps in reducing any skating and walking as you work. Allowing you to effortlessly drill neatly and stably at a high speed through any surface! Perfect for brick, ceramic tiles, glass, marble, granite, wood, copper, iron and other materials.
Products using high-quality alloy tungsten steel which can resist chipping, stalling, or dulling even after countless uses! Designed with triangular shanks that can fit smoothly and securely to any power tool. Providing you a firm grip when they come into contact with the chuck. Which prevents the drill bit from slipping or wobbling as you use it. Suitable for any electric hand drills, bench drills and so on! 


  • Universal Drill Bit ⚙️
    high-performance drilling bit, equipped with a pointed tip that can effortlessly drill straight and deep to any surface! It reduces skating and walking. Providing you a smooth, steady pressure drilling with an accurate finish. Suitable for most materials such as brick, ceramic tiles, glass, marble, granite, wood, copper, iron and more possibilities!

  • Cross Angle Design ⚙️
    Featuring an extremely sharp, cross angle tip that consistently produces precise clean holes. It efficiently drills stably at a high speed through hard surfaces without causing the bits and the materials any cracks or damages.

  • Anti-Slip Hex Shanks ⚙️
    The drill bit has a universal hex shank that can fit into all power tools easily for a quick change. Compatible for electric hand drills, bench drills and so on. The triangular shanks also provide a secure fitting which prevents the drill bit from slipping out when used.

  • Various Bit Sizes ⚙️
    It comes in 2 sets with different drill bit sizes to meet all of your needs. Perfect for a variety of small household or industrial projects to bigger ones.
  • Premium Material ⚙️
    Made of high-quality tungsten steel alloy head which has great rust and wear resistance. It has higher accuracy and is extremely durable. Allowing fast and neat penetration even for the most demanding and hardest materials!

  • Material: Premium Steel Alloy

  • Set A:
    5pcs x Anti-Crack Tile Drill Bit Set


  • Set B:
    7pcs x Anti-Crack Tile Drill Bit Set