Anti Vaping Necklace


Anti Vaping Necklace
Anti Vaping Necklace

Anti Vaping Necklace

Relieve stress and anxiety NATURALLY. Replace the physical habit of smoking with the Aerosolry Breathlace™ to control your impulses using the power of your breath, wherever you are.

“I always struggled to quit vaping & have been ashamed of my nicotine addiction. A friend gifted me this necklace to replace my bad habit. Now I have a constant reminder with me to come back to the present moment and to breathe through any uncomfortable or stressful moments, without damaging my health.”
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Manage Stress Naturally – Use the power of your breath wherever you are!
Using your Breathlace regularly helps you experience a sense of calm and inner peace, even when life’s challenges come your way.


• Quit Vaping or Smoking – Our necklace makes the perfect alternative to smoking or vaping, and is a completely natural way for you to quit for good!

• Improve Health – A mindful companion with you at all times. Our necklace is not only stylish, but also a practical tool you can use to improve your health no matter where you are.

• Save Money – This one-time investment ends regularly spending money on new vapes or cigarettes. Investing in your health AND saving money at the same time.


1. Inhale – Deeply inhale through the nose to and take a pause at the top, to mimic a similar action to smoking or vaping.

2. Exhale – Slowly control your exhale through the necklace to alleviate any feelings of anxiety or cravings that come from nicotine withdrawal.

3. Release – Repeat this regularly to experience a sense of inner calmness and improved emotional-wellbeing over time.
Material: stainless steel
Specification: 60*8MM
Chain Length:50+5CM
Color: silver, gold

What’s Included:

  • x1 Aerosolry Breathlace™
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