Ceiling Fan

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🌟 Transform Your Space with Comfort and Elegance! 🌬️✨

🔍 Are you in search of a smart fan lamp that effortlessly blends style and efficiency?

Look no further than our 360 Rotating Smart Ceiling Fan Multicolor LED Light! Crafted to perfection, this fan lamp is a testament to innovation and luxury, offering you the ultimate solution for comfortable living. 💫


✨ Universal Socket: Effortless Installation & Compatibility with Various Bulbs.

💡 Fashionable Design: Trendy Round Shape Providing Ample Light Coverage.

🤫 Low-Noise Operation: Quiet Motor Ensures Peaceful Environments.

🔆 Lighting Modes and Remote Control: Customizable Brightness, Fan Speed, Timer, and Favorites Stored at Your Fingertips.


Item Description:

Introducing the Aroma Fan Ceiling Light, a fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Its silent fan, adorned with soft LED lighting, creates a serene ambiance, enhancing your room’s atmosphere. The 2-in-1 design not only illuminates your space but also provides a refreshing breeze, elevating your comfort to new heights. Plus, the added convenience of adjustable lighting and fan speed ensures a tailored experience just for you. 🌿💡



  1. Install the fan lamp on your ceiling using the E27 universal socket.
  2. Connect it to your power outlet.
  3. Turn on the fan and adjust brightness and speed with the remote control.
  4. Set a timer and save your favorite settings.
  5. Enjoy the soft lighting and gentle breeze while relaxing or sleeping.


Q: Is the light adjustable?
A: Absolutely! You can effortlessly adjust the brightness and fan speed using the included remote control.

Q: What type of socket does the fan use?
A: This fan lamp uses an E27 universal socket, ensuring easy installation and compatibility with various bulbs.

Embrace unparalleled comfort and sophistication. Elevate your living space with our 360 Rotating Smart Ceiling Fan Multicolor LED Light. Your sanctuary, redefined. ✨🏡

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Ceiling Fan
Ceiling Fan
Original price was: $98.23.Current price is: $49.23. Select options