AquaHouse Fish Stool Suction Collector

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 AquaHouse Fish Stool Suction Collector

Effectively Contain Fish Excrete For A Cleaner Aquarium with AquaHouse Fish Stool SuctionCollector!

Automatically Maintain Clean Aquarium Tank

The Fish Stool Suction Collector is a 3-in-1 pump that works as a filtration, oxygenation, and stool collector device. The device uses a pneumatic principle, filtering water in the tank to contain fish waste and impurities in the middle compartment and releasing clean water back out to the tank.

No More Frequent Maintenance

With a cleaner aquarium, it would reduce the need for frequent water changes and gravel cleaning. With the fish waste contained, it reduces water pollution and bad-smelling odor too.

Easy Installation

Simply plug the device into an air pump and place it in the aquarium tank. Once the middle compartment is filled with fish waste, simply remove and clean before placing it back in the aquarium tank.

Biological Filter Ball

The device has a biological filter ball at the bottom of the cylinder which boosts the growth of nitrifying bacteria, which is required for the nitrogen cycle.

Effortlessly Maintain A Clean Aquarium Environment for Thriving Aqua Life with AquaHouse Fish Stool SuctionCollector Today! Get Yours Now!


Material: Acrylic

Measurement: 16 x 9 x 9 cm

Tube Calibre: 0.5 cm

Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc. AquaHouse Fish Stool SuctionCollector

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AquaHouse Fish Stool Suction Collector